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Du har kommit til Hellvetet

2 December
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Hmm I would write this in spanish to annoy everyone I know, but I won't deny them the pleasure. Anyway one must always keep abreast of the classics(that being this piece of writing). The circle of misery (also know as life) began when I was born. I won't call it life because to have a life one's life must consist of doing something other than waking up, studying, eating then sleeping. For this miserable existance I blame those who conceived me, then the army for enforcing mandatory schooling, then the Japanese for making the education system that much more depressing by inventing exams. I won't even start on that sorry excuse of a higher being known by the name of God, Jehovah etc Well thats my rave of existance, why did our species insist on climbing down from the trees? why didn't they just stay there?!